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Sports exhaust for your Porsche


Porsche and motorsport make an inseparable team. The knowledge we gain on the racetrack is constantly put to use when building our production cars and the result is continuously improved on-road performance, down to the last detail. 

The sports exhaust system from Porsche Tequipment enhances the performance of your Porsche and gives you even more driving pleasure. Featuring modified main silencers and twin tailpipes with a unique design, you can change the sound of your Porsche at the touch of a button. The sound will vary with driving behaviour, ranging from a robust output during normal road driving to a distinctively more aggressive tone during acceleration and braking. 

If you already have a sports exhaust fitted to your car, you can still personalise your car according to your individual wishes. Simply visit our Porsche Tequipment accessories finder  to see all the accessory options available to make your car truly unique.

Please contact a member of our Parts Department on 0208 269 6335 for prices and more information.