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Porsche N-rated tyres

Porsche N-Rated Tyres

As the car’s only direct contact with the road, the choice of N-Rated tyres on your Porsche is critically important. Choosing the right tyres and correctly maintaining them makes a vital difference to your vehicle’s dynamics and safety, optimising its handling, cornering and braking.

Tyres fitted to Porsche vehicles as original equipment are developed to suit the individual characteristics of the model and are specifically designed to work in harmony with the car. These tyres are marked with an ‘N’ rating on the sidewall to differentiate them from other specifications of the same tyre size or pattern and it should be the correct ‘N’ mark for your vehicle.

The correct N-Rated tyres are fitted by a tyre specialist. To check the correct N-Rated tyres for your Porsche and for a competitive quote, please contact us.